"My Asher gets such a mad tone. Finally I could get solid-body volume and sustain, control feedback, and still have some hollow resonance that filters up through the pickups instead of through the open [sound] hole."

-Ben Harper


"A beautifully crafted instrument that looks as good as it sounds and feels like home. The Asher Ultratone is my primary electric guitar on the road and in the studio."

-Eric Mcfadden


"I have a couple of Asher lap steel guitars….they have an almost cello-like, woody quality that's really nice."

-Greg Leisz


"I was blown away when I first heard an Asher lap steel….I knew I had to get one!"

-Cindy Cashdollar


"Hey Bill, just wanted to say hi and tell you how much I'm digging the Electro Hawaiian. Thanks so much for building such a cool instrument. I've been taking it on tour and playing tons of gigs. I think I've played it on about 6 records by now too. Thanks again."

-Steve Dawson (Vancouver Canada)
Owner of #317, Electro Hawaiian Model I


"Warmth. Beauty. Those are the two words that describe my custom Electro Hawaiian the best. From the first time I played it acoustically I've been amazed by the rich sound and great sustain, and plugged in it really delivers everything it promises acoustically. It is my #1 choice, the one I reach for in the studio and live, and the one I'd save first in case of fire.........

The service and backup of Bill and Jessica Asher is outstanding--never experienced anything like it. They're the best!"

-Steinar Gregertsen (Arendale, Norway)
Owner of an Electro Hawaiian custom lap steel
Check out Steinar's audio clips on the Electro Hawaiian "specs" page! He's awesome!


"One sweet ride!"

-Bill Leff (Santa Cruz, California)
Owner of #053, "Ben Harper" Model lap steel


"Bill Asher is making some of the most beautiful and innovative lapsteels in the industry today. My two Asher Ben Harper models can cover sounds from clean to screamin' mean and everything in between. With my Dual Sonic, I can combine fat horseshoe pickup tones with delicate acoustic sounds thanks to the L.R. Baggs pickup under the bridge. And finally, my acoustic Asher Hawaiian has the feel and tone of my 80 year old Weissenborn without the fragility associated with the old instrument. I am looking forward to my next Asher guitar."

-Alan Barley (Pflugerville, Texas)
Owner of: #052, "Ben Harper" Model lap steel
#023, "Ben Harper" Model lap steel
#044, Dual Sonic [Dual Tone]
#002, Acoustic Hawaiian, Style I


"I want to thank you for the amazing work on the trikanta vina. When my wife open the case I was in complete ecstasy, the instrument is absolutely a work of art, and everybody that see it are stunned!"

-Paolo, Italy Trikantavina
Custom Instrument


"The sound is great….really good job! Thank you!

-Malik Dufraine (France)
Owner of #125, Electro Hawaiian Model I


"I purchased an Electro Hawaiian Model I lap steel and I'm really happy with it! It's a beautiful instrument, both esthetically and acoustically. It's been made with perfect craftsmanship and is wonderfully finished. For example, the position of the strings makes it very comfortable to play. The guitar gives a warm and full sound with a lot of sustain, which makes it a joy to play both in clean tone and in overdrive. Bill Asher and his team are reliable and really nice. It was a pleasure to do business with you. Thanks again for everything!"

-Julien Piette (Gondecourt, France)
Owner of #143, Electro Hawaiian Model I lap steel


"My Asher steel (#034) is incredibly musical and inspiring to play. Coming from the Weissenborn, my touch, feel and technique translate so naturally. I bring it to every gig!"

-Chris Haugen (San Francisco, California)
Owner of #034, Electro Hawaiian Junior Deluxe Model lap steel
Pictured: Chris Haugen with Bob Weir, Great American Music Hall, December 2004


"My New Bill Asher Electro Hawaiian guitar has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me. As a "Weissenborn Head" this allows me to do all that an acoustic Hawaiian does on the gig and SO much more as the sustain, amplification capabilities and multi sounds (2 pick ups, coil tap, tone settings and solid body...). I am hooked!"

-Dan Yablonka
Dan Yablonka Guitars, Criterion/Atlantic songwriter
"Weissenborn Yesterday Music BMI
Owner of Electro Hawaiian Model I, Serial #127


"My Asher Electro Hawaiian is the most versatile lap steel I have ever played. I can bring it to any gig and it will deliver. Sonically it's in a world of its own. The craftsmanship is beautiful and it is inspiring to play."

-Dave Yannuzzi
Owner of Ben Harper Limited Edition lap steel, Serial #076


"I got the lap steel guitar today. It is a beauty, and I've been playing it for hours today in the Hawaiian tuning. So again thank you"

-Ole Ask (Vikersund, Norway)
Owner of an Electro Hawaiian Junior


"I just wanted to tell you how much I love my Ben Harper model (#20). It has such a warm full voice that works well clean or with massive amounts of overdrive. Wonderful sustain and note bloom, and god it looks sexy, Like a svelte weissenborn! It always ends up being the conversation piece for guitar geeks who stop by to chat after a gig. Ooh Ah what's that thing??? Thanks for a soulful and singing machine."

-Bill Walker (Santa Cruz, CA)
Owner of #020, "Ben Harper" Model Lap Steel


"This creation is a life long dream of mine and thanks to the talents of Bill Asher it has been fulfilled. Bill and I discussed the style sound and design of "The Lonely King" and it has been a fun journey. I love this it's a true one of a kind Bill Asher California Kustom. Its a wild hot rod perfect for me. Muy grande "THE LONEY KING".

-Gary Myrick (Los Angeles, CA)
Owner of Asher Custom "The Lonely King" lap steel


"Thanks for taking time to answer all of my questions and concerns. I received the Electro Hawaiian Junior late Thursday, tuned it up, plugged it into a Fender Blues Jr. and sat for 2-1/2 hours playing it.

It sounds great and looks awesome. As you could tell by my questions I had some concerns with an import model, but I now have a quality instrument with great tone, playability and a beautiful (killer!) finish that I am extremely happy with.

The pride and love you put into your guitars and profession is obvious by the enthusiasm of your website and the conversations I had with you. Thank you for making this purchase such a pleasure."

-Larry McNamara (Arnold, MO)
Owner of #J002


"Words fail me to describe my new Asher lap steel. It is truly monstrous. At times it has the depth and resonance of a cello. In fact at a recent rehearsal one of the songwriters I play with was unable to contain himself and kept playing the same one progression over and over just to bathe in the glory of the Asher lap steel. Beautiful. It sounded like a string section. We might have continued indefinitely if I hadn't finally put a stop to it. Thank you for making such a beautiful instrument."

-Jack Leahy (Boulder, CO)
Owner of #J007, Electro Hawaiian Junior
*Photo by Brian Carney


"I'm delighted that you are making this miracle of a guitar which you are entrusting in me. I know that it is a jewel. And I know that you leave in every instrument which crosses your hands a big part of you, and a big part of the mystery for which I try to discover...."

-Jerome Seleque (Paris Epernay Pierry, France)
Owner of #373, Acoustic Hawaiian TearDrop


"The guitar came today, all in good working order. I love the sound already. Though I'll probably never be a master at lap steel, this guitar fills a hole in my sonic tool belt that I've had for some time. This instrument produces the sound that was in my head. I'm really glad you guys exist. Thanks so much."

-Steven Rose (Glenmoore, PA)
Owner of Electro Hawaiian Junior


"My newly-acquired Asher Junior is one beautiful, awesome instrument. The high quality and amazing tone jump right out at you. This thing sustains forever! It's the finest lapsteel I've played and probably the last one I'll ever need...unless, of course, for some reason down the road, I just HAVE to have the Ben Harper too!"

-Hurricane Mike Thompson, steel-player for The Judy Kanyo Band and Laura Power
(Newmaket, Ontario, Canada)

Owner of J0-14 "Li'l Jo" Electro Hawaiian Junior Lap Steel


"Just wanted to let you guys know that my Asher continues to add a whole new dimension to my playing and career. It's infectious. In addition to it finding it's way into about half the songs for our upcoming CD, The Painkillerz, it's got me booked into recording gigs with the LA based The Dennis Logan Band, and a spot as the slide guitarist/lap steel player in the San Diego based The Laura Roppe Band. Everywhere I play, people gravitate to the sound - it is one of the easiest and most satisfying instrument to play - and full of surprises. Can't wait to get me another!! Feel free to list me as one of the artists in today's music world who's absolutely nuts about the guitars you build."

-Brian Rogers
(Laguna Niguel, California)

Owner of an Electro Hawaiian Junior


"Bill, Lindy Fralin made a P-90ish pickup for my Hawaiian Jr. and now it's my number one guitar on stage. Here's a photo of my band, Delta Moon, at a festival in Novellara, Italy, a few weeks ago. If and when I get a good color shot I'll send one along to you too. Thanks! "

-Tom Gray
(Atlanta, Georgia)

Owner of an Electro Hawaiian Junior


"thank you so much for going above and beyond on my guitar. It plays amazing, sounds amazing, looks amazing, all around its amazing. I heard it stated one time, "If this isn't your dream guitar...then you are having the wrong dreams". That is what this guitar is to me. In a world that typically does a job enough to get by, I find myself owning a guitar built by a man (and family) that love what they do and take pride in the smallest of details. It's pride in ones self that pushes one to become the best at something or a true artist. In those words I have found a family that is brave enough to put their name on the headstock and their souls into their work. That is truly a blessing to find, and trust me the guitar is just as big of a blessing."

-William McBee
(New Mexico)

Owner of #424 Electro Hawaiian Model I


"The lap steel guitar sounds just fantastic, When i plugged it in my Fender amp ........boom badaboom !!!! just the woawww effect !!"

-Bruno Menard (Tokyo, Japan)
Owner of: Electro Hawaiian Junior lap steel


"received the lapsteel this week and it is awesome ! Even before upgrading the pickups it already sounds very good - I immediately spot that when playing it unplugged. I didn't have any doubt Asher was doing top quality lapsteel but this Junior model is far above my expectations for an 'entry' level.Many thanks also for your great support too."

-Fabien Da Silva (Bouchain, France)
Owner of: #J-226, Electro Hawaiian Junior lap steel


"It has quickly become my go to guitar. Just something about it. The familiarity of an old friend and the best tones I could ask for and more. I have gotten to use it at multiple gigs and through multiple amps. I love this guitar. There is just something about it that inspires me to play and play better. I would not change a thing. You do truly amazing work."

-Paul Gamble (Albuquerque, NM)
Owner of: Marc Ford Signature Model


"Thanks again for the awesome lap steel! It was a great experience to come and see and meet the luthier not only of my new guitar but to see and hear stories about his other awesome guitars. I brought the guitar home and my wife loved it as well. She even tried it! Thanks for everything."

-Dustin (Los Angeles, California)
Owner of #039, Ben Harper Model



"Thanks for selling me that beautiful Dual Tone….I love it. It is so well planned and the building is so well executed ­ not to mention its tone and how it plays!"

-Mike Nihen
String Pull Guitar Shop



"…I especially want to thank you for your attention to craftsmanship and detail in the building of my custom Asher Ultra-Tone thin line guitar. The guitar looks awesome and plays wonderfully. We keep the Asher Ultra-Tone out of the case and accessible in the studio at all times so we can use it on every track we record. It is a great addition to our line up with it's own distinctive voice."

-Lance Baker Fent (Hollywood, California)
Owner of: #235, Ultra Tone guitar



"You've probably have heard this a lot, but I would like to thank you for giving me back the inspiration to write non-acoustic (zeppelin like) songs again. When you told me I couldn't realize how amazing the guitar was until I received it...Thank you!!! For sure I will order more in the future! The same sensation I only had when I plugged my original 64 strat for the very first time...."

-Felipe Apolonio (Brazil)
Owner of #205 Ben Harper Model Series II 024/100



""…my guitar just arrived!! I am so happy - it's a wonderful instrument and I want to give my compliments for the beautiful job that you have carried out. It's such a pleasure for me to have your instrument. I hope to soon travel to the U.S and if I visit Venice, I will salute you!"

-Alex Burani (Reggio Emilia, Italy)
Owner of: #253, Electro Hawaiian Junior Deluxe lap steel



"I just want to let you know that I'm absolutely in love with my Electro Hawaiian. It's the nicest instrument I've ever owned (and I own a few nice instruments), and it's completely changing my life. I'm playing better for having it. Besides which, everywhere I take it, I get compliments from musicians on the way it looks and sounds. When I get the bread together, I'm getting another one for open D."

-Adam Ollendorff (Boston, Massachusetts – Berklee College of Music)
Owner of: #158, Electro Hawaiian Model I lap steel



"I received my flamed koa top yesterday and it is sick, way beyond expectations. It's going to be played regularly! Thanks again..."

-Jeff Clapp
Owner of: #211, Ben Harper Model Series II 013/100



"The sound of this guitar is not only beautiful and is inspiring. You were right that lapsteel is all feel, not only hitting the note but it brings out something inside me that I haven't experienced before. I just wanted to say thank you again and let ya know that i'm practicing, gigging, and most importantly having fun."

-Dave Tropp
Owner of: #228, Ben Harper Model Series II 021/100



"I'm absolutely stoked on the new Ben Harper Model. I can't seem to put it down. It makes my Fender Pro Junior amp sound better, if that's possible! Really nice. The craftsmanship is the best yet. Everything is perfect. I can't say enough about it."

-Dustin Shelton
Owner of: # 189, Ben Harper Model Series II 004/100



"The guitar arrived and I've spent the last hour playing, I've never sounded so good!...It is truly amazing. Thank you."

-Janek Croydon (Auckland, New Zealand)
Owner of: #229, Electro Hawaiian Model I



"I wanted to let you guys know that the guitar arrived safe and sound. Although I loved getting the pictures they didn't really do the guitar justice. It is so much more beautiful in person. I am so pleased with the quality and tone of my guitar and thank you all so much for everything."

-Jay Taylor (Greer, South Carolina)
Owner of: #179 Electro Hawaiian Junior Deluxe



"The guitar arrived yesterday in perfectly good condition, and I must say it's absolutely beautiful! It's a jewel ! Crazy sound, from warm and clean, to the most "serious as a heart attack-tone" (and what a sustain!!) Well, seems like this guitar will be very expensive since I have to get me another suit that fits the guitar case ;-)
I'm more than satisfied, I'm really happy here…It was love at first sight."

-Gaute Oien (Oppdal, Norway)
Owner of a Dual Tone lap steel




"I have received the guitar and have had a chance to play it quite a bit - its beautiful and everything I had expected. Please pass on my gratitude to Bill for his skill and hard work."

-Matt Stokes (London, United Kingdom)
Owner of #009/100 Ben Harper Series II lap steel




"I just got the EH1. It's absolutely wonderful. The guitar is gorgeous to look at, and the sound is incredible. I'm really impressed with the pickups. The guitar absolutely sings."

-Dan Phelps (Rockford, Il)
Owner of #290 Electro Hawaiian Model I




"The guitar arrived yesterday. Everything is in order. The case had more latches than I knew what to do with. The guitar played perfectly; the action and string spacing is just right. I especially liked that the nut is almost flush with the strings, allowing bars on the first fret to be more comfortable. The pickups respond to the intensity of my picking very well. I want to extend my thanks to Bill and the rest of the people who worked on my guitar. The process of contacting and ordering was very easy, and the product was first rate."

-Mark Gronlund (New Brunswick, NJ)
Owner of #312, Electro Hawaiian Model I




"Bill - amazing guitar – amazing craftsmanship – amazing tone! You are a master guitar maker. I love this guitar, It's almost as much fun just looking at her as it is to play. Can't say enough, thank you!"

-Richard Harrah (Los Angeles, California)
Owner of #406, Acoustic Hawaiian Style IV lap steel




"We have just received the lap steel guitar and my boyfriend is very happy!!!! The guitar is beautiful. I think that he he will spend many sleepless nights! We wanted to thank Bill Asher for the guitar, perhaps we will see us for another purchase."

-Sabine Carboni & boyfriend (Marseille, France)
Owner of Electro Hawaiian Junior lap steel




"THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH, Byron (as I have named my Junior) arrived today, looking stunning (delivery guy was stunned when I showed him). I love the tone! I got my band together straight away for an impromptu jam and they love Byron too! Thank you to all and I can't wait to record and send you some of the tones I am getting from this amazing instrument."

-Tommy (TJ) Obempah (London, England)
Owner of Electro Hawaiian Junior lap steel




"I've been practicing with it a bit for a couple days and got to take it out tonight (just got back from a gig) and I am just overwhelmed at how much it's growing on me AND the incredible sustain that it gets. It's just an amazing, amazing instrument. A work of art is maybe the best way to put it. I'm sure you guys get plenty of gushing emails, etc, but I just wanted y'all to know how much I appreciate it!"

-John Howland (Berkeley, California)
Owner of #126, Electro Hawaiian Model I lap steel




"I've spent most of my weekend playing my new lapsteel. It is the best! It's really so easy to play. The string spacing, bridge, nut, pickups and overall build make it transparent. It's just me and the music…it's nice to have an instrument that feels like an extension of you. "

-Ben Ellenbogen (Fremont, Calfornia)
Owner of: #425, Ben Harper Series II Lap Steel, 73/100




"This guitar is fantastic. The tone is great, especially in the low notes. The output is even all across the fingerboard. I have two other Strats and this one stands above them without question."

-Dan Carlson (Aliso Viejo, California)
Owner of: #346, Asher-caster '59/'60 Strat-style guitar




"I just wanted to thank you both for building and shipping me a simply sublime beauty! The craftsmanship, attention to detail and the kind, understanding, attentive and seamless service place you at the very top of your craft. I will enjoy my new gift and be back for more!"

-Mark Miller (Carlton North Victoria, Australia)
Owner of: #421, Asher Ultra Tone DC, Marc Ford Model




"It arrived last Friday and is just magnificent. Really, a bit of a loss for words - it's a wonderful joy to play and listen to the sweet, sweet notes off the neck pickup and the growl out of the bridge. And no mud baby! More than 100% satisfied!"

-Judson Bertoch (Suffolk, Virginia)
Owner of Asher Electro Hawaiian Junior lap steel




"I received the guitar and it's amazing!! I broke it in at the House of Blues in Chicago a few nights ago and it sounds perfect. Tonally, its beautifully balanced...very responsive! It seems to have more in common with a cello or violin than with conventional steels. Every night people go out of their way to ask me about it and who builds it."

-Chris Combs (Tulsa, Oaklahoma)
Owner of #449 Electro Hawaiian Model I




"Thanks again for my Ben Harper II - number 80, it is a phenomenal instrument. I haven't been able to put it down! So many colors and textures, every time I pick it up I discover new tonal qualities. And the finish is exquisite, it is the 59 Les Paul I had always dreamed of owning. Thanks again for making such great instruments."

-John Ellis (Boston, Massachusetts)
Owner of #80/100 Ben Harper Series II lap steel




"I LOVE the Junior. If this is what the entry-level model is (excellent fit and finish and SOUND!!!)...then I am VERY excited to move up to the Koa Hawaiian and Dual Tone when money allows!"

-Don Reed (Idyllwild, California)
Owner of an Electro Hawaiian Junior lap steel




"I received your guitar over the weekend.... WOW....WOOW. WOW....put it through a FUCHS valve Job....and it produces the dirtiest sound ever....WOW... Thank you soo much. Appreciate it."

-Aaron Mannes (Middletown CT)
Owner of: Electro Hawaiian Junior lap steel




"Man that is one heck of a lap steel's absolutely perfect....the koa is beautiful and the smell of the coconut oil as we opened it up added to the excitement...the pickups sure define each older lap steel would get pretty muddled up...great job!"

-Gidd Hampton (British Columbia, Canada)
Owner of: #475, Electro Hawaiian Model I lap steel




"I just got off stage with my Asher lap steel. I know I have already sent a email to complement your instruments but I don't think one compliment is enough. I have been doing a lot of gigs with this monster and wow it really is incredible!!"

-Joshua Howard (Phoenix, Arizona)
Owner of an Electro Hawaiian Junior lap steel guitar




"My teardrop arrived today without delay. I want to thank the whole bill asher team for an unbelievable guitar. The first time i played it I got goosebumps the sound is so beautiful. I took time off from work just so i can play it. I already got an Asher Junior lapsteel. That was already a great sounding lapsteel and now the teadrop. I'm speechless. I'm saving money now to buy the ultra tone."

-Gino D'Alfonso (The Netherlands)
Owner of Acoustic Hawaiian Teardrop




"The lap steel is safe in Cleveland with me and I had a chance to play it for a while yesterday. I'm a happy man! I love the longer scale and higher string tension. I've found that I have to keep a very light touch on my shorter scale instruments or I'll depress the string too much and alter the pitch. Also, the wider string spacing makes it easier for me to play individual notes on strings 2-5 and to finger pick. The tone is beautiful. It is an amazing instrument."

-Sasha A. Kostadinov (Cleveland, Ohio)
Owner of Electro Hawaiian Model I