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Q: What is the ordering process? It’s pretty simple. If you see a guitar available for sale on the online shop, go for it. It’s available, for sale, and can ship out to you the next day after a purchase. If you want something that isn’t in stock, we can certainly build it for you. Simply call or email us to discuss what you are looking for. We can hash out all the details including any customizations, pricing and lead times. We usually then require a deposit to start cutting wood. It usually takes 4-8 months to build something from scratch, depending on the finish and any custom details.

Q: Can I order something custom? Custom is our middle name. However, our customizations are based off of the basic Asher designs. For instance, someone can order a T Deluxe with a special electronic configuration, or with a specialty color or particular inlay detail. This is basically your chance to work with Bill Asher and design an Asher Guitar just for YOU. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a crazy one-off artsy Asher Guitar – but one that would suit your taste, and your style. We usually then require a deposit to start cutting wood. It usually takes 6-12 months to build something from scratch, depending on the finish and any custom details.

Q: How much do custom features cost? We go off of a standard Asher build list – and much like a recipe for a great meal, each ingredient has a cost. If you add more ingredients, or more expensive ingredients, the cost will be higher. There will be special pricing for custom art such as inlay work, custom engraving, scrimshaw work, etc.
Just let us know what you want, and we can price it out – no problem.

Q: Can I work with directly with Bill Asher on my build? If you want an Asher Guitar built, there’s no getting around it – you WILL be working directly with master builder Bill Asher. He is the creative force and builder upholding the company, so you and Asher will hold a meeting of the minds of sorts when it comes to hashing out details on your guitar. Once a design is set, we discourage having too many design changes because it will add to the cost of the guitar, and may cause confusion.

Q: What is the lead-time? A guitar from scratch can take anywhere from 6-12 months – depending on the design and finish details. If you catch a guitar that is unspoken for and already in production, the lead-time can be much less. Please just ask us and we will tell you. One thing to keep in mind is that we purposefully give a time frame for an estimated completion time. Because building a guitar is a complex process with many factors, lead times may take longer than projected, especially for something custom. Many times, however, we hit the projected date right on target, and occasionally, gasp, we deliver early.

Q: Do I have to put down a deposit? Yes. Deposits are required for any guitar build that is not ready to ship within the next few weeks. Guitars are completed and ready to ship, such as those purchased in the online shop, must be paid in full at time of purchase. Here are the details:

Q: How can I make payments? We take cash, check, credit, bank transfer, paypal…pretty much any standard widely accepted form of payment. International purchases MUST pay via paypal or wire transfer only.

Q: What if I change my mind? It is your prerogative to change your mind and we gladly accept returns for refunds (on instock items, not orders we built or custom orders) as long as the item is in its original condition in its original packaging. There will be a restocking fee (unless it is returned under our LOVE IT OR RETURN IT policy) for items purchased in the store (10% of purchase price, and you must pay return shipping.) For all other items, in particular our guitars, please read more about our LOVE IT OR RETURN IT policy (next question down). Oh, if an item is damaged in shipping, please notify us within 30 days of receiving the product. Please email us with photos of the damage, as well as photos of the packaging so we can file a claim. After you contact us and we deem it appropriate, we can arrange for you to ship the item back for a replacement or a refund.

Q: What is your LOVE IT OR RETURN IT POLICY? We know that online purchases, especially with high ticket items, can be nerve-racking and unsettling because how do you know what you are buying is exactly what you want? Well, we are hoping our LOVE IT OR RETURN IT policy will help ease you a bit.
All Asher instruments are subject to a 72-hour approval period by customers. We want to give you time to inspect the instrument for quality, craftsmanship and sound. Play it in your home through your rig, show it to your friends. If you are not totally satisfied with your Asher guitar, a full refund will be given as long as the instrument is returned in the EXACT same condition as when received. The customer, however, is responsible for ALL shipping charges. *There is a 10% fee for all custom orders and stock orders we make for you, even under the LOVE IT OR RETURN IT POLICY

AFTER the 72-hour evaluation period and up until thirty days from the date of receipt of the product, the guitar may be still be returned but will be subject to a ten percent (10%) restocking fee. After thirty days has elapsed from the date of receipt, Asher Guitars will no longer accept the guitar for return or for any reason other than repair or warranty work. After thirty days the customer owns the unit.
Strings, other parts and accessories may be returned if they are in re-sellable condition in the same unopened packaging and returned within 30 days after purchase. Customer will pay for return shipping as well as a 10% restocking fee.

Q: Can I get a refund? Yes, you can, if it falls under our LOVE IT OR RETURN it approval period for in stock items. *There is a 10% fee for all custom orders and orders - even standard guitars - that are specifically made for you, even under the LOVE IT OR RETURN IT POLICY.  Strings, other parts and accessories may be returned if they are in re-sellable condition in the same unopened packaging and returned within 30 days after purchase. Customer will pay for return shipping as well as a 10% restocking fee. Please email us if you want to return an item and get a refund.


Q: Can I get a refund on my deposit for a guitar, one I haven’t received yet? If your guitar is "close" to being stock, we can refund your money, less a 10% restock fee, after the guitar has been sold to someone else. The determination of whether your guitar is totally custom, or somewhat stock - which determines whether your deposit can be refunded or how much refunded - is at the discretion of Bill or Jessica Asher. This applies to all customer order builds no matter what stage of production the guitar is in.

The reason why there are fees is because it will cover the cost of time, labor, raw materials and any efforts that have been spent on initiating the custom instrument. Plus, we will be stuck with a custom instrument that may or may not be appealing to someone else when we try to sell it.

Q: What if my guitar is overdue and past the completion date that I was told? Our apologies in advance if this happens, however it does happen from time to time. We try to give reasonable estimates for completion dates, however sometimes there is a delay that snowballs the entire process. Much like us, many of the vendors that we choose to work with are small mom and pop operations that value quality over mass production.
Because these instruments are crafted with the handiwork of a dozen or more small vendors, things can happen which translates into delays. Also, our shop is buzzing daily with building, repairs, restorations, and honestly sometimes things fall through the cracks. We do our best to maintain honest communication with our customers so that if there is a delay, we let you know about it as soon as possible. On the flip side, for those that have purchased guitars as an anniversary present, or a special surprise, we bust our rear ends to meet that deadline and have never missed one of those! (note: ample time was given in these cases…we are not miracle workers.)

Q: Do you ship internationally? Come one, come all! We welcome international orders. Depending on your country, shipping and insurance methods may vary. Orders may be paid for by major credit card or bank wire transfer - contact us for credit card or wiring instructions.

Ordering Help 

Prices and availability are subject to change without notice. All prices are in US dollars. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal. We do not accept cash, check, money order or COD.  Prices do not include shipping.


Shipping and Handling

We ship orders the next business day (M-F) for in stock items, with the exception of certain guitars, such as guitars with upgrades, etc - which will require a 5-10 day lead time. All items are subject to shipping and billing verification. Orders placed after 3:00pm PT and on weekends and holidays will be processed on the next business day.  Shipping charges will be calculated at checkout. All shipping charges are non-refundable.








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Note: FedEx cannot ship to P.O. Boxes or APO/FPO addresses.




Security and Verification

Orders are processed through's certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliance standards. Always scan your computer for viruses, spyware, adware, bots, keyloggers and other threats as they can compromise your internet security.

All orders are subject to billing and shipping address verification. Insufficient or incorrect credit card information will delay and possibly cancel your order. Any attempted fraudulent transaction will be reported to the proper authorities.

All transactions are subject to an "authorization hold." This is standard credit card procedure to be able to hold the funds and prevent a card from being "maxed out" before the actual charge is made. Authorization holds usually expire within 24 hours.


Order Problems?

We will replace any damaged item. We are not responsible for returned or lost orders due to insufficient addresses. Shipping is non-refundable on returned orders -- please check your address carefully. Please email us at if you have a problem with your order.