Master Series





The Asher Master Series builds are for those who appreciate exquisite detail and optimal performance in their instrument. These “tasteful” upgrades can be added to any base model Asher to create the perfect “Master” build of your imagination.

The Master Series models are crafted in limited quantities, and depending on the materials and details used, price varies. These guitars can range from $4700-$8000 USD.



  • A++ Grade Figured Tops
  • Hand Carved Tops
  • Prehistoric Kauri, Roasted, and Other Premium Exotic Woods
  • Tortoise, Abalone, Pearl, Wood, Herringbone and Other Bindings and Trims
  • Mammoth Ivory Nut
  • Sterling Silver and Artisan Knobs
  • Semi Precious Stone Switch Tips
  • Prehistoric Amber or Dinosaur bone detailed parts
  • Custom Designed Hand Carved Inlay (great for personal symbols, family crests, etc.)
  • Hand Etched Scrimshaw On Bone Detail (great for personal symbols, family crests, etc.)
  • Deluxe Custom or Flight Hard shell cases



Pat Lennon - The Band Venice (Guitarist/Vocals)
An accomplished vocal powerhouse and rhythm guitarist, Pat is also a woodworker who wanted to create a guitar that really showed off the natural beauty of the woods and trim. Pat visited that shop to hand select the wood and components and to really be an active part of the process. His input helped us deliver a stunning instrument with exceptional feel and tone with that visual “Wow” factor. His Asher Master Build features exquisite Hawaiian Koa top, tortoise and maple binding, tortoise pickguard, and pickup covers, Bigsby and Mastery bridge.



Jackson Browne
One of our ages most moving songwriters needs an inspiring that’s what we made Jackson. He wanted something sleek, understated yet refined. We decided on a tight flame maple top with faded black stain and JM Rolph PAF pickups. The maple binding helps define the shape. The sterling silver knobs, black sapphire switch tip and Ebony pickup rings gives it the right amount of decorative detail without being pretentious.



Dave Belzer
Building a modern guitar for one of the most recognized vintage guitar authorities is surely something we did not take lightly. We knew it had to had to be stellar in every way in order to hold its own amongst his impressive collection of vintage guitars. We found a unique and distinctive piece of rosewood with a skunk stripe down the middle for the top. We bound the top and f-hole with tortoise and maple, and finished it off with sterling silver engraved knobs and sterling switch tip.